We Build People

“We Build People” is our church’s response to the Great Commission. Our main
purpose and focus is to develop our members for ministry. We believe every person is
valued and needs a moral compass to guide him or her throughout life. Every believer
has unique gifts to be developed.

Therefore those who desire to make 3rd Day Worship Center their home church and
place of “Spiritual” growth need to begin their spiritual study by attending the We
Build People Base One class. This class covers our Vision, Mission, and Commitment
as a ministry. During our time together, you will be able to understand where we have
been, where we are at, and where we are going. But more importantly, you will be
able to understand what role you play in that process. At the completion of this class
those who are not current members or what we like to call “Covenant Worshipers,”
will have the opportunity to solidify their commitment and proceed to the ongoing
spiritual journey with the ministry.

We encourage those who desire to make this their home church to come and learn to
worship through becoming a committed member or again “Covenant Worshiper”.
From there, Bases 2, 3, and 4 will be offered where you will begin to understand your
gifting and ministry thereby becoming actively involved in the body. These classes will
also prepare you to fulfill the Great Commission of our Lord to go and teach others
how to follow Him in obedience. (Matthew 28:18-20)