Day 4 – 2017 21-Day Fast

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If there is ever a time when our flesh wants to ship the will of God to the back seat and allow itself to take control, it’s during a fast. Especially when you are barely three days into it. Do not allow it. Remember, “If then you were raised with Christ, seek those things which are above, where Christ is sitting…not on things on the earth. (Col.3:1-2)

If you refer back to yesterday’s devotional, you will notice I wrote about the renewal of the mind (Rom.12:1-2). If you are going to experience the fullness of God in every aspect of your life in 2017 then there has to be a shifting, a transformation in your thinking, and your prayer needs to reflect Matthew 6:10b:

Your will be done…

You can’t see and experience His will over your life unless you change your way of thinking and implement actions that kill your fleshly desires. Whether those desires are subtle or strong, they will try to stagnate your purpose. God is not interested in doing things for you as much as He wants to do things through you!

Dare to declare, “Not my will but YOUR will be done!” Let that be today’s focus – “YOUR will be done!” Then begin to take the necessary steps (not in your strength but through God’s strength) to see that happen. Imagine what would happen if His will, and His desires, and His thoughts, and His strategies, continuously dominated your life? What would your life be like?

As you move forward in this second half of this week of Fasting and praying, fast that every plan, hindrance, and “self” that tries to stagnate His will from being manifested in you and through you, would cease! As you pray that prayer, pay close attention to the prompting of the Holy Spirit. Allow the Holy Spirit to begin to guide you in every area of your life; it doesn’t matter how big or how small of an issue or how significant of insignificant you think things may be…allow the Holy Spirit to guide you.

Here are some scripture verses to read and meditate on throughout the day: (Click on the verses to read them on

Psalms 32:8; 37:4-5; 37:23, Prov. 16:9, Isaiah 48:17-18, Jer. 10:23; 29:11-13

Praying God’s will with you,

Pastor Charles

P.S. Write to us via e-mail, Facebook, or post on this daily blog…we would love to hear what God has done and is doing with you as you meditated on these devotionals and spent time in the presence of God! Blessings to you now and always!

4 Responses to “Day 4 – 2017 21-Day Fast”

  • Uni Lopez says:

    Amen Pastor Charles!!!

    Let His will be done in us & through us!!!

    Stay Blessed & Always Stay Focused On Christ!!!


    Mrs. Uni Lopez

  • Charmaine Jackson says:

    Thanks so much for those encouraging words. I start fasting on Tuesday and I can honestly see God is working on my life especially my house hold.

  • Jenice says:

    Amen! Thank you so much for being sensitive to the Holy Spirit and writing what he placed in your heart. I pray His will be done and not my own. Be well and stay blessed.
    Love you guys so much!

  • Monica says:

    Thank you for this word. It’s a challenge to change your thinking and action when you are around negativity. When you do change your thinking it’s amazing to see how different everything looks to you.

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