Day 3 – 2017 Fasting (Wednesday)

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“As the physically weak man can make himself strong by careful and patient training,” writes James Allen, “so the man of weak thoughts can make them strong by exercising himself in right thinking.” 1 Corinthians 2:16 says, “For who hath known the mind of the Lord, that he may instruct him? But we have the mind of Christ!

You could very well be one thought away from a breakthrough. I think the enemy knows this all too well. Hence, always trying to mess with your mind. So, if you are going to go beyond the limitations that have tried to hold you back for so long, then you don’t need another prophetic word, a hand-out, or some out-of-the-sky break. What you need is transformation by the renewing of your mind and begin to move in the purpose and plan that God has already laid out for you.

Change your thinking and you will change your ways!

Don’t give in to the lies of the enemy. One of the enemy’s objective is to provoke you to think about what is wrong, what you don’t have, what lacks, what others are doing or not doing…don’t give in. Focus on the goodness of the Lord and the powerhouse God has created you to be.

Fast and pray that whatever stinkin’ thinking that has been trying to limit you and keep you from God’s best would be cast out and you would begin to think with the mind of Christ.

Read and meditate on the scriptures below. May they encourage and empower you to think great!

Here are some scripture verses to read and meditate on throughout the day: (Click on the verses to read them on

Jeremiah 29:11" href="" target="_blank">Jer.29:11, Romans 12:2" href="" target="_blank">Rom.12:2, 2 Corinthians 10:5" href="" target="_blank">2 Cor. 10:5, Ephesians 4:22-23" href="" target="_blank">Eph. 4:22-23, Philippians 4:8" href="" target="_blank">Phil.4:8, Phil.4:13

Renewing my mind with you,

Pastor Charles

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3 Responses to “Day 3 – 2017 Fasting (Wednesday)”

  • Charmaine Bell says:

    Thank you I thank God for me to start the New year right

  • Jessica Colmenares says:

    Amen Pastor! Thank you for today’s devotion.

  • Jaciris Borquez says:

    Today’s devotional is so powerful. They say if you conquer the mind you can conquer anything.It’s amazing how much changes in our life when we change our perspective. These last few weeks have been extremely tough for me. But instead of putting the victim mentality i chose to believe Gods word. I am victorious!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The enemy has a way of making you feel like a failure. Like you said don’t focus on what others are doing or not doing. One of the biggest problems we face as humans, is that we compare ourselves to others. We measure our success our worth and even our own self image.We need to learn that we were created in his image. The world may not think that we are perfect, but he does. We are so perfect that he knows everything about us even the amount of hair on our heads. That is Love!!!! Often times we feel inadequate because we feel like we are not where we need to be. But God wants us to understand that we are where we need to be. Like PC stated change your thinking and you will change your ways.Therefor if you shift your mindset you can shift your view of the world.

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