Day 15 – 2017 Fasting (Monday)

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Ever find yourself wondering why you do the things that you do? Or have you ever met someone who gave an excuse for their current behavior that sounds something like this, “Well, my dad was the same or my mom or my grandmother was just like this…”

Well let me encourage you to realize that despite the shortcomings of those that came before you, you do not have to carry that “generational curse” any further. There may have been drunkenness, drug addiction, adultery, depression, financial chaos, laziness, poverty, (and the list can go on and on) in your upbringing or extended family. Maybe you are repeating the same mistakes as those before you and don’t even realize it. Well, what better time than now to bring it to an end.

Believe God for transformation (Rom.12:1-2). Believe God during this time of Fasting and prayer that He will bring to memory and give you the power to overcome those things that have tried to hold you back and hold you down. Believe God that the legacy you leave for those that will follow will be much different. They will follow in the liberty, integrity, character, prosperity, power, and greatness that you lived in…and not the bondages. You are more than a conqueror!! (Rom. 8:37)

Here are some scripture verses to read and meditate on throughout the day: (Click on the verses to read them on

2 Sam. 22:2, Psalms 34:19, John 8:36, Rom.8:15; 36-37, 1 Cor. 6:11, Eph.5:8, Col. 1:13

Believing with you,

Pastor Charles

P.S. Write to us via e-mail, Facebook, or post on this daily blog…we would love to hear what God has done and is doing with you as you meditated on these devotionals and spent time in the presence of God! Blessings to you now and always!

4 Responses to “Day 15 – 2017 Fasting (Monday)”

  • Jessica Colmenares says:

    Amen Pastor. Generational curses broken in Jesus name! Thank our for taking the time Pastor to bring encouragement in the midsts of these devotionals everyday throughout our fast. Thank you!

  • Lisa Hillegas says:

    Thanking God for his transformation power in our lives as we seek Him and He changes our thinking. Loving the word of God it is so powerful. Thank you Pastor for these devotionals and scriptures that have helped us be in the word daily. You are investing greatly in our lives and many others because as you pour into us we are pouring into others. Generational curses are broken when we come to Jesus Christ!!!

  • Alex says:

    God bless you Pastor powerful blog. I thank Ministry for giving me a rich mentality not a poor mentality and that rich mentality I’m going to pass on to my children and my children’s going to pass to their children awesome transformation of the Holy Spirit thank God for Ministry of third day.

  • Magdalena Monet says:

    Great blog! So often I have to remind myself and ask the Holy Spirit to remind me, of what God’s word states and what His promises are over my life.

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