2014 Fast – Day 14 (Sunday)

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“You did what?,” asked the man with a stern look. “I hid it!” (Fast forward) The man asking the questions turns around to some of his assistants and says, “Take what I’ve given this guy and give it to that guy over there…the one that has the most.”  “This man is wicked and lazy,” he adds.  OUCH! Imagine being that guy; loosing the little he was given to a guy that has doubled what he had. This story (paraphrased) in Matthew 25:14-30, though harsh, should awaken us to some realities. God cannot entrust us with more until we have learned to manage and invest what we already have.

Based on your past experiences, habits and actions, have you been a good steward – a good administrator -  to what God has placed in your hands? How have you managed your children, spouse, talents, ministry, or finances? Can God entrust more to you? How much of it will be used properly? How much of it will be misused? How much of it will be ignored or hidden?

Let us Fast and pray that we would learn how to be faithful in the little things, so that God can entrust us with greater things.

I truly believe that 2014 is a year of open doors. If we are going to walk through bigger and greater doors, we are going to need to make certain that we are being faithful with what we already have. Allow this Fast to open your (our) eyes to things or actions we may have been missing or ignoring. If we have ignored, neglected, or misused the things God has given us thus far, we are sure to make a mess if he would give us more.

This is the year! Ask God to reveal those areas in your life that need alignment. Ask him to give you the knowledge, wisdom, and focus to be faithful with even the simplest of things; great things are waiting to be delivered unto your hands.

Here are some scripture verses to read and meditate on throughout the day: (Click on the verses to read them on (www.biblegateway.com).

Genesis 1:28, Prov.16:3, Prov.21:20, Malachi 3:10, Luke 12:42-46, Luke 16:11, 1 Cor. 4:2, Col.3:23, 1 Peter 4:10 

Believing with you for great stewardship,

Pastor Charles

P.S. Write to us via e-mail, Facebook, or post on this daily blog…we would love to hear what God has done and is doing with you as you meditated on these devotionals and spent time in the presence of God! Blessings to you now and always!



2 Responses to “2014 Fast – Day 14 (Sunday)”

  • Rachel Salabarria says:

    My prayer lately has been. “God, do not give me more than I can handle”. A blessing is only a blessing if its given at the proper time, at a time when you can handle it…
    Thank you PC for your devoted time!

  • Morningstar says:

    The devotionals are an awesome way to meditate. Every time I read them, I understand them in a different way, even if I’m reading the same thing from the day before, I’m seeing myself in a different way. I was watching a movie last night that had a lot to do with scripture, God, and his laws – The Encounter. On point, with scripture, I loved it. I like to thank the pastors for there dedication in teaching us the word of God. They have a powerful anointing and understanding of scripture , thank you RO and NO, I truly appreciate you both. May God continue to bless you both , your family and your church, Truly Thankful Morningstar Ortiz.

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